The Secret Owner of CAIR Headquarters Building?

CAIR’s headquarter is owned by an entity that doesn’t appear to be part of any of CAIR’s entities. This raises questions on who is the real owner, and why is it hidden.

CAIR headquarters is located at 50 East St, SE/458 New Jersey Ave SE (the building has two entrances). According to the DC government’s property records, the current owner is “Council on American Islamic Re” located at 120 E Broad St. A, Falls Church, VA 22046.

But in Falls Church property record for that address, there is no “Council on American Islamic Re” or any CAIR affiliated entity.  Instead we read “120A E Broad Street llc” as the owner of that unit. In other words, a limited liability corporation was formed specifically as the owner of that property.

According to Virginia’s corporation records, 120A E Broad Street llc was formed in October, 15, 2014, and the registered agent’s name was Samer Garbia. Samer Garbia is an attorney in Virginia. We don’t know who is the principal behind the corporation. But less than a month later, on Nov 13, 2014, Samer Garbia had served as a registered agent for another llc, Celestium Consulting, where Nehad Hammad was the principal. 

Could Awad also have employed Garbia to register “120a E Broad Street llc”?